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The Portable Altitude Chamber (PAC) is an effective, simple, durable, lightweight and affordable hyperbaric chamber for use at high altitude. Rest easy in the knowledge that you can deal with altitude illness in any situation, in any weather, at any time.

The treatment of severe altitude illness (HACE and HAPE) is descent. But if conditions do not allow for an immediate and effective descent, the use of PAC technology is life saving.

The hyperbaric chamber concept for treating altitude illness has been around for more than 30 years. The PAC works by increasing the pressure inside the chamber using a foot pump. At high altitude, this increased pressure delivers a therapeutically significant amount of extra oxygen to the victim, which simulates a descent. Many lives have been saved by this essential piece of safety equipment.

The PAC is an Australian product, designed for trekking groups both private and commercial, as well as expeditions to high altitude.


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PAC | PAC Technology | Support | Cost & Ordering | Using a PAC

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